Now Registering for the 2019-2020 Dance Season starting September 30!
Classes: Beginner Steps Ballet, Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Tap/Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop.
Students starting at 2.9 years old are welcome!
To register, click here or for more information please call 617-721-6234
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My philosophies in teaching is to carry over the love and passion I have for dance into the objectives I have for all of my students. I work hard to ensure that all of my students feel comfortable in class without intimidation…leaving each week smiling, with a sense of accomplishment and looking forward to dance class the following week. While striving for dance excellence, I would also like to be able to use the art of dance as a mechanism for helping all of my students to develop a positive self image while instilling discipline, determination, responsibility, self respect and respect for others. Most importantly I want to make sure that all my students feel the immediate rewards of dancing and have a lot of fun along the way."
- Miss Nicole

Children study dance for many reasons. Some hope to pursue a career in dance while others do it for pure enjoyment. Regardless of the reasons that bring them here, each student will learn the courtesies and disciplines of dance as well as experience the joy in movement, which will touch them forever.

Nicole’s Studio of Dance is dedicated to bringing dance into the lives of it’s students with the an abundance of love, patience, and motivation, enabling students to bridge the gap from studio to professional dance without interrupting their scholastic or athletic education.

Here at NSOD we have created a beautiful, clean, bright, 1500 square foot dance space. Including waiting rooms and a place for the dancers to keep their belongings. Being only the appearance of the studio, itís the magic that is created during each class which makes the experience so unique. We pride ourselves not only on bringing the best and newest material in all areas of dance, but more importantly on really connecting to each dancerís different learning methods. Our teachers are trained and certified by test to teach and always expanding their dance education themselves.

Voted best dance studio in Waltham and Watertown 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,&2019.
Excited to begin season 17.
Registration is now open , classes begin September 30th and run through May. 



Nicole’s Studio of Dance
14 Warren St. Unit #3
Waltham/Watertown Line
MA. 02453

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